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Nitrogen Cycle

Reviewing the nitrogen cycle

NitrificationNitrifying bacteria convert ammoinia into nitrates
AmmoniaicationDecomposing of organic nitrogencompounds to ammonia
Atmospheric nitrogengasous nitrogen in the air (N2)
Nitrogen fixationConverts atmospheroac nitrogen in ammonia
AssimalationNitrates, ammonia, or ammoriumabsorbed by roots and used to make orgnic nitrogen compounds
Nitroganasesplits atmospheric nitrogen and combines the the resulting nitrogen with hydrogen
Noduleshome/swelling to many nitrogen fixing bacteria such as
Denitrificationthe reduction of nitrate to gasous nitrogen
HeterocystsFilamnentous cyanobacteria that are oxygen excluding cells
Nitrosomonas and Nitrococcusconvert ammoonia or ammonium to nitrates

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