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Heat Sinkfits on top or side of processor housing
CPU Slotslook like expansion slots
Cryix M IIcompetes with the pentium III
AMK-K6-2competes with celeron and pentium
Memory Cacheuses SRAM and speeds up mempry accses
FPMis faster than conventional memory chips
BEDOburst EDO , is an improved version of EDO memory
Direct Ramnususes narrow 16-bit data path and transmits data in packets
DRAM3 types: parity, non parity, ECC
Parityis a method or checking the integrity of the memory chips
DIMMscan be installed individualy
SIMMdata path is 32-bits
AT system boardshave 2 power connections P8 & P9
Most ATX System Boardshave a remote switch connection which must be connected to the switch on the front of the computer
System Boardstoday have seceral busesto acomedate slow and fast devices
System Boards2today provide an IDE interface
Earlier Socketsused a low insertion force method
SIMMsmust be inserted in pairs
Newer system boardsdont have level 2 cache memory because l2 cahse is now included inside processor housing
Pentium IIcan run on system boards that run at 100 mhz
PCIfastest bus on system board
USB portsconnect to the USB bus that can support 127 devices
CMOS can be changeddiring the booting process with key combo
Paralell portsare anabled and disabled on CMOS
Serial portscan be enaqbled and disabled in CMOS and configured to use certain IRQ addresses
If serial port is not in usesystem resources assigned to it should be able for other devices
System date and timeare set in CMOS
Password forgottenyou can use a jumper to restore the settings
Use CMOSto reserve an IRQ or DMA channel
Use CMOS toenable/disable a power on password

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