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Rancorbitter resentment; hatred
trysta secret meeting
Pactan agreement
nicetydelicacy ; subtlety
Bugbearsomething causing fear
Aegisa shield; protection
Camaraderieloyalty; friendship
Foilto prevent the success of a plan ( verb ) ; person who makes another person seem better (noun)
Optto choose
wallowto indulge oneself; to roll around in
Cantankerousbad-tempered; quarrelsome
Igneouspertaining to fire
Haughtysnobbish; arrogant
Muzzleto restrain; to gag
Tingea faaint color; a trace
Vegetatelead a dull, inactive life
Intactentire, left whole, sound
Distortto twist out of shape
Mottledspotted; blotched; streaked
Certitudesureness; certainty
Idylliccharmingly simple or poetic
Rakishcarefree; lively
Seduloushard working; industrious; diligent
Farcheddried up; extremly thristy
Fermenta state of agitation or excitement
Capriciouserratic; impulsive
Pulmonarypertaining to the lungs
Bucolicpertaining to the countryside
didacticintrusive; inclined to lecture others too much
Pertinentrealtive; to the point
Retrenchto cut down or reduce expenses
Ostentatiousshowing off; boastful
Lasciviouslustful or lwed; inciting sexual desire
Drollamusing in an odd way
Abengateto deny; to reject
CongenialFriendly; agreeable
Waneto gradually decrease in size or intesnity
Punctiliousvery exact; percise
Inveteratefirmly established; deep-rooted
Estivalpertaining to summer
bungleto do things clumsily or badly
Emaciatedabnormally thin
Factiouscasuing disagreement


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