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Aeneid Matching

A list of terms from the Aeneid: names, places, and rhetorical devices.

AnaphoraA repetition of an innital word or clause
HendiadysTwo nouns connected by a conjunction when a noun and a genetive gives the sense
MetonomySubstitution of one word for another which it closely sugguests
AlliterationRepetition of initial consonant sounds
AssonanceVowel Alliteration
ZeugmaJunction of two words modifying a word which strictly applies to one
SynecdocheNaming a whole by its part
PolysyndetonUse of unnecessary connectives
AsyndetonLack of logically necessary connectives
Prolepsis (anticipation)Use of a modifier befor it is logically appropriate
SimileA figure of speech whith an explicit comparison using like or as
MycenaeHome of Agamemnon
IulusAscanius, son of Aeneas
QuirinusA Trojan Prince
Alba LongaA city founded by Ascanius
MajaMother of Mercury
AssaracusThe Diefied Romulus
HarplyceA Thracian girl, famous for her speed
AgenorThe first king of Phoenicia
DidoThe queen of Carthage, a Phoenecian refugee
SychaeusDido's Husband
PygmalionDido's Brother, an evil man
LaviniumA town in Latium to be founded by Aeneas' descendants
CythereaA cult name for Venus
TimavusA river in northeast Italy
IllyriumA territory bordering the Adriatic
AntenorA Trojan king in northeast Italy
SynizesisAn improper diphthong made by slurring two vowel sounds together
TritonA minor sea god
NotusSouth Wind
AchatesAeneas' right hand man
EurusEast Wind
OrontesA Trojan Helmsman
ScyllaA monster who snatches men off ships
AquiloNorth Wind
AcestesA Trojan king in Sicily, Aeneas' host
Latiuma region in Italy
ZephyrusWest Wind
AeolusKing of the winds
CharybdisA giand whirlpool
TrinacriaAnother name for Sicily
PhrygianAnother name for Trojans
CymothoeWife of Triton; Nymph
CyclopsOne-eyed monster

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