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Qin ShihuangdiThe Great Wall of China was completed during the rule of
all Chinese citizensDuring the Han era, the civil service was open to
the guilding of the Great WallAll of the following occured during the Zhou dynasty EXCEPT
a period of peace and prosperity during the Han dynastyThe term Pax Sinica refers to
Huang HeThe river sometimes called "The Great Sorrow" because of its destructive flooding is the
man and natureAccording to Confucius, the primary ethical relationships include all of the following EXCEPT
recieve authority from heavenAccording to ancient Chinese belief, just and effective rulers would
ZhouThe dynasty that ruled China for the longest was the
LaoziThe philosophy of Daoism was developed by
limit the ability of local lords to challenge the central governmentQin Shihuangdi reorganized the empire into military districts in order to
the opposing forces present in natureThe concepts of yin and yang involve
eastThe area of China most suitable for agriculture and the development of early civilization was the
a nuclear family dominated by the fatherThe typical Han home consisted of
only after Confucius's deathConfucian teachings were accepted in China
lost the Mandate of HeavenThe Zhou justified their rule by claiming that the last Shang dynasty had
people must fill specific societal rolesDaoist teaching rejected the idea that
the high cost of educationHan peasants had difficulty entering government service because of
execute hundreds of scholarsUnder Wudi's rule, the Han did all of the following EXCEPT
had lost much of their power to independent city-statesBefore their defeat by the Qin, the Zhou
merchantsThe group that occupied the lowest level of the Chinese social hierarchy was the
the first Qin dynasty rulerA standardized system of weights and measures was introduced by
Liu Bangthe Qin government was overthrown by
the Five ClassicsCandidates for civil service were required to master
scratching on oracle bonesShang dynasty kings tried to predict the future by
ChinaThe oldest continuous civilization in the world is that of
harmony between the individual and natureDaoism emphasizes
the familyAccording to Confucius, ethics began with respect for
ShangThe earliest Chinese dynasty that can be dated from written records is the
Pax Sinica400-year period of stability
peasantsthe majority of Chinese
Qin Shihuangdifirst emperor
Silk Roadlinked East and West
the familyrepresented society in miniature to Kongfuzi
Sima Qianauthor of China's first true history
Laozifounder of Daoism
the Zhoudynasty that ruled for more than 800 years
Qinthe name "China" comes from this

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