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Terms in our book.

PrehistoryPeriod before people kept written records
ArtisansPeople with skills in specific crafts
bartertrade where one item is exchanged for another
polytheismbelief in many gods
Behistun RockThe key to cuneiform writing
theocracygovernment which rulers are seen as gods
Iron agewhen people turned to iron insted of bronze
prophetsmessangers of god
Zoroastrianismreligion founded by a Persian teacher
Zigguratlarge brick temple built by people of Mesopotamia
Helotspeople forced into farm labors
Tyrantruler who took power by force
ostracismpractice for expelling people
serfa medieval peasant
stoaopen poarch
plebiansthe common people
dictatorabsolute ruler
martyrspeople who suffer or die for a cause
scriberecord keeper
Oraclea temple where priests in ancient greece gave prophecies

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