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World History Terms

Terms in World History

PharoahRuler of Ancient Egypt
ArtifactObject made by a person
NomadPerson who moved from one region and settled in another
DynastyFamily of rulers
TributePayment demanded for conquered people
ExodusFlight of the Hebrews from Egypt
SophistsTraveling teachers that challenged Athenian religious beliefs and laws
Socratic methodQuestion and answer approach to teaching
Direct democracyA form of government in which all the citizens can participate first-hand
TyrantRuler who took power by force
Punic WarsWars between Rome and Carthage
RepublicGovernment in which supreme power rest with the citizens who elect the leaders
DictatorRuler with absolute power
SpoilsGoods taken in war
PersecutionsSystematic mistreatment
MartyrsPeople who suffer or die for a cause
PapcyOffice of the Pope
ManorLord's estate
HeresyHaving beliefs not in agreement with the Church
InquisitionA court set up to convict people suspected of heresy

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