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Legislative Branch Review

Review questions on the legislative branch of the U.S. government

Senator's term of office6 years
Member of House's term of office2 years
Total number of senators100
# of senators per state2
Main jov of legislative branch in regards to lawsmake them
One of the senators from New YorkSchumer or Clinton
Saratoga's member in the HouseSweeney
How many senators are up for re-election every 2 years?1/3
Vote needed to override a veto2/3
Place where most bills diein committee
Where revenue (money) bills must startin the House of Representatives
Define impeachto accuse of wrongdoing
# of terms a member of Congress can serveunlimited number
Has the power to approve presidential appointmentsSenate only
Minimum age to be a senator30 years
Minimum age to be in the House25 years
Who is the President of the Senate?Vice-President of U.S.
# of members in the House of Representatives435
Title of the leader of the House of RepresentativesSpeaker
Has the power to impeachHouse only

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