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English 9 Literary Terms

For each term provide a definition

acronyma word formed from first letters
ambiguouscapable of being understood in either of two ways
ambivalentequally attracted to or repulsed from two things
archaicold language, no longer in common use
anachronisma person or thing put into a time period other than where it belongs
anecdoteshort, simple story
caricaturepicture that ridicules by exaggeration
dictionword choice
etymologythe origin of a word
evoketo call forth or summon
invoketo cite as an authority
flashbackinterruption of chronological order by appearance of an earlier event
hyperboleunrealistic exaggeration for emphasis
innuendoimplied, derogatory remark
pathossituation that evokes pity
parodyhumorous imitation of a serious work
preciswritten summary
proselanguage not written in verse
rhetorical questiona question for which an answer is not expected
sarcasmironic remark meant as criticism
syntaxgrammatical structure
understatementironic statement made deliberately too weak
vignetteliterary sketch; short description

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