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Of Mice & Men Vocabulary

Mottle (adj)Spotted
Despair (noun)Hopelessness
Pantomime (noun)Mimic, copy
Recumbent (adj)Reclined, lay back
Pugnacious (adj)Aggressive, warlike
Ominous (adj)Threatening, warning
Decisive (adjective)Important, determined
Derogatory (adj)Belittling, insult
Grizzled (adj)Old, gray
Apprehensive (adj)Unsure, hesitant
Disengage (verb)Disconnect, undo
Complacent (adj)Self-satisfied, content
Fawn (noun)Baby deer
Aloof (adj)Distant, apart
Bemused (adj)Confused, puzzled
Crestfallen (adj)Sad, dejected, disappointed
Contemptuous (adj)Disrespect
Contort (verb)Twisted
Belligerent (adj)Argumentative, eager to fight
Appraise (verb)Evaluate
Reverent (adj)Respect
Reprehensible (adj)Deserving blame, guilty
Indignation (noun)Anger
Scoff (noun)Mock, ridicule, to make fun of
Morose (adj)Gloomy, sad, depressed
Avert (verb)Look away
Scorn (Noun)Insult, bitter, sneering
Skeptical (adj)Not sure, uncertain, doubtful
Derision (noun)Disrespect, ridicule, mockery
Audacity (noun)Bold, courage

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