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Constitution -- Executive Branch

Executive Branchcarries out laws
Each State hasnumber of presidential electors equal to the total number of senators and representatives it has
Presidential electors are chosen-First Tuesday after the first Mondya in Novermber
electors vote onthe Monday after the second Wednesday in December
President QualificationsU.S citizen by birth and live in the U.S for 14 consecutive years
Salary of the president$200,000 plus $50,000 taxable expense and benefits of $120,000
2 ResidencesWhite House and Camp David
Duty of Presidentaddress the State of the Union
Duty of Presidentmay call congress to special session
Duty of Presidentreceive ambassadors (foreign diplomats) and ask them to leave
Duty of Presidentdecide whether or not to recognize foreign governments
ImpeachmentsMay be removed from office on the Impeachment for conviction of Treason, Bribery, and other high crimes and misdemeanors

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