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Hydrogen Cycle

This quiz is to help test your knowledge on the hydrogen cycle

hydrologic cyclethe balance of water between the land, ocean and atmosphere
precipitationrain, snow, sleet, or hail
evaporationthe movment of water into the atmosphere by changing to a gas
transpirationthe loss of water from land plants
estuarieswhere freash water meets the ocean
runoffthe movment of water from the land to the ocean
watershedthe area of land being drained by runoff
percolatesanother term for seeps
groundwaterwater that seeps though the soil and rock
every molecule of water eventually moves throught the hydrologic cycletrue
ground water is lost from the hydrologic cyclefalse
389,500 cubic kmthe amount of water entering the atmosphere a year
292,125the amount of water that renters the ocean directly by percipitation


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