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Our library lingo..

terms frequently used in our media center

alexandriathe software program used for library catalog system
call numberthe "address " of the book and foud on the spine
barcodefound on front cover of book librarian scans
librarianMs. Joni
bookdropbasket by circulation desk
periodicalspublication issued on a regular basis, i.e. weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearlymagazines /newspapers
almanacone-volume collection of general knowledge, usually containing lists of facts, dates, events, statistics, etc.
encyclopediabook or set of books giving information on all branches of knowledge
thesaurusA book that lists synonyms and antonyms for words.
dictionaryalphabetical list of words, providing word forms, pronunciation, function, meanings, origin, etc.
bookflixonline ebook program for fact and fiction books
spineHolds the pages of a book together
bookshelfwhere the books are stored
versothe page (usually right behind the title page) that has the publisher and copyright information.
coveroutside of the book
trueflixonline program for nonfiction ebooks relating to science/social studies
indexA list of key words and page numbers usually found in back of the book.
bibliographyA list of books and other resources used in writing the book.
biographywritten account of a person's life, actions and character.
genrea category or style of artistic expression
acknowledgmentA list of everyone who helped the author produce the book.
dedicationA short statement thanking an individual or group of individuals for their help or support.
glossaryA list of terms and their definitions.
netiquettea term used for teaching proper manners while communicating on the internet

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