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8C Vocabulary - Lists 3, 4, 5, & 6

bellicose(ADJ)inclined and eager to fight; warlike
belligerent(ADJ)eager to fight; hostile
concise(ADJ)brief and to the point; expressing one's idea with few words
evict(V)to throw out or remove a tenant from one's property by legal procedure
evince(V)to show clearly; to make evident
charity(N)the giving of help or relief to the poor OR kindness in judging others
cherish(V)to regard with affection; to hold dear
emerge(V)to come into view; to rise from a fluid
gaunt(ADJ)very thin and bony OR bare and grim
malice(N)the wish to do harm or cause pain to another
omen(N)a sign or happening that is supposed to forecast the future
perish(V)to die or be destroyed OR to disappear
shroud(N)cloth used for covering the dead OR to hide; to cover
subside(V)to sink to a lower level OR to become quite or less active
maverick(N)one who thinks and acts according to his own rules OR an untamed animal
maudlin(ADJ)excessively or foolishly sentimental
herculean(ADJ)requiring great strength or exertion or courage
boycott(v)to refuse to use, buy or sell OR (N)an organized refusal to do business with a person/group
bedlam(N)a place or condition of uproar or confusion
mentor(N)a wise and trusted advisor or teacher
mesmerize(V)to hypnotize OR to fascinate
nemesis(N)an undefeatable foe; something that causes one's failure
procrustean(ADJ)exhibiting ruthless disregard for individual differences (for example, a military institution)
quixotic(ADJ)extravagantly chivalrous or foolishly romantic
doctrinaire(ADJ)adhering to a practive or theory OR one who stubbornly holds to a practice or theory
docile(ADJ)easily trained, taught or managed
diagnose(V)to identify the cause of a disease or problem
cognomen(N)a surname; a family name OR a nickname
agnostic(N)a person who believes that we can't know if God exists
doctrine(N)a principle or belief taught by a particular group
incognito(ADJ)with one's identity hidden
indoctrinate(V)to teach a theory or principle
orthodox(ADJ)traditional in one's beliefs and attitudes
paradox(N)a statement that seems to be a contradiction, but may be true
fratricide(N)the act of killing one's own brother
genocide(N) systematic killing of a national, racial, or cultural group
incisive(adj)mentally sharp; penetrating
invincible(adj) incapable of being overcome or conquered
vanquish(V) to defeat in battle or competition

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