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Sentence types

Read each sentence. Tell whether each is simple, compound, complex, or compound-complex.

A telegram or a telephone call at three in the morning always sends mother into mild hysteriaSIMPLE Only one clause.
If it is the sea voyage that you want, you should take a tramp steamer.COMPLEX. Two subordinate clauses ('IF it is a sea voyage" and "THAT you want" and one main clause
Sally learned to knit during the summer, and now she spends most of her time darning socks for Bill.COMPOUND Two main clauses; no subordinate clauses
An attractive display of the new books in the library was a feature of this year's Book Week.SIMPLE only one clause
To underestimate your opponent is dangerous, but to underestimate yourself is even more dangerous.COMPOUND. Two main clauses; no subordinate clauses
Jack failed English because his grades in composition were too low.COMPLEX One main clause plus one subordinate clause ("BECAUSE his grades in composition were too low.")
The scene that Mr. Parks saw as he entered the room was enough to break any teacher's heart, but the scene that followed his entrance was enough to make any student cringe.COMPOUND-COMPLEX Two main clauses plus two subordinate clauses ("AS he entered the room" and "THAT followed his entrance")
Spectators came early so that they would have a chance at the remaining seats.COMPLEX One main clause plus one subordinate ("SO THAT they would have a chance..........")
After exposure to radium, harmful effects of radiation appear in the offspring.SIMPLE Note that "after exposure to radium" is a prepositional phrase, not a subordinate clause.
Fish are used for experimentation because they react to radiation as higher vertebrates, including humans, react.COMPLEX Two subordinate clauses (beginning with "because" and "as")
Mary was offered scholarships to three colleges, and she spent weeks trying to decide which to accept.COMPOUND two main clauses. Note that "which to accept" is not a clause.
According to Miss Hilker, some basic considerations in choosing a college are your own interests, your personality, your financial resources, and your scholastic record in high school.SIMPLE only one clause
The visiting dignitaries who landed at National Airport were met by the Vice President, and he escorted them to the White House.COMPOUND-COMPLEX Two main clauses and one subordinate ("WHO landed at National Airport")
Without having my computer in front of me, I couldn't understand him.SIMPLE The "without having....." introduction is a prepositional phrase, not a clause.
Bill drives more than I do, and he drives better.COMPOUND-COMPLEX Two main clauses plus one subordinate ("THAN I do")
Wherever you go in the West, take your camera with you.COMPLEX one main clause plus a subordinate ("WHEREVER you go in the West")

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