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Plate Tectonics/Earthquakes/Volcanoes

The theory that states continents were joined at one time.Continental Drift
The thin outer layer of the Earth.Crust
The layer of the Earth that the crust floats on.Mantle
The innermost layer of the Earth.Core
The name of the single continental land mass.Pangaea
A break in the earths crust.Fault
Hot molten rock at the Earth's surface.Lava
Hot molten rock inside the Earth.Magma
Sections of the Earth's crust that move independently.Tectonic Plates
Shaking caused by tectonic movement.Earthquake
Tectonic forces that cause the mantle to explode outward.Volcano
The highly active volcanic area around the Pacific Ocean.Ring of Fire
The seismic wave that travels slowly through the crust of the Earth.Surface wave (L-wave)
The seicmic wave that travels very fast through solids, liquids and gasses.Primary wave (P-wave)
The seismic wave that travels at a moderate speed through solids.Secondary wave (S-wave)
How are shield volcanoes formed?Lava flows
These move tectonic plates.Convection currents
What does a seismograph measure?Earthquakes
Two things that help scientists predict earthquakes.popping rocks and animals
Where are trenches located?Subduction zones
What is a V-shaped valley called?Trench
What two disasters can be caused by earthquakes?Fires and Floods
What is a larges tidal wave caused by an earthquake?Tsunami
Who is the Father of Continental Drift?Alfred Wegener
What type of boundaries make volcanoes?Convergent
What type of boundary creates sea floor spreading?Divergent
What measures the magnitude of an earthquake?Richter Scale
What is the boundary called where plates move fron side to side?Strike-slip
What does the heatinfg and cooling of the mantle cause?Convection currents
What two things cause explosive volcanic eruptions?Blocked vents and pressure
Name four types of rock formed from lava.Rhyolite, Pumice, Basalt, Andesite
What two ways can mountains be formed?coliding plades and lava flows
The name of the hippo-like fossil.Lystrosaurous
The name of the fern-like fossil.Glossopteris


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