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Cell Flashcards

I made these for the quiz on 1/12/00 on the parts of a cell

Cell WallF-protect, L-outer covering, W- die,no photosynthesis
Cell MembraneF-protect, control what comes in and out of cell, L- inside wall, W- die, no control of things entering or leaving
NucleusF-tells organelles what to do, L- no set place, W- die, no one would know what to do
Endoplasmic ReticulumF- carries protein, L- around nucleus, W-die, no protein
RibosomesF-make protein, L-on ER, W- die, no protein
Golgi ApparatusF-recieves, packages, and sends protein, L- left side of ER, W- die, no protein
MitochondriaF-makes cells energy, L-in cytoplasm, W- die, no energy
VacuoleF-stores stuff, L-everywhere, W- no storage, stuff everywhere
ChloroplastsF- L- W-
LysosomesF- L- W-


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