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History ch. 21

scientific revolutionnew scientific theories and discoveries that led to change
scientific methodlogical procedure for gathering info and testing ideas
geocentric theorythe sun traveled around Earth
Copernicusdeveloped the heliocentric theory
heliocentric theorythe sun was the center of the universe
Galileomade the telescope, light objects fall at the same speed as heavy objects
Brahebuilt one of the earliest modern observatories
Keplerproved mathematically that the planets revolve around the sun
Sir Isaac Newtondemonstrated the laws of gravity and inertia
Vesaliuspublished a book on anatomy
Harveydiscovered that blood circulates through vessels in the heart
Leeunwenhoekstudied one celled living things under a microscope
Linnaeusdeveloped a system from naming and classifying plants/animals
Hobbes, why govern necessarywithout govern.s there would be war against people vs. people
Lockethought that people should overthrow the government if fail to protect their natural rights
Voltairefreedom of speech, tolerance, reason & limited govern
social contractpeople created government HOBBES
natural rightsall people are born free and equal, *life, liberty and property* LOCKE
philosophessocial critics
Montesquieuseperation of powers
seperation of powersthe division of authority among diff branches of govern.
enlightened despotssupported the philosophes' ideas *rulers*


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