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vocabulary for chapter on circles.

CIRCLEThe set of all points in a plane at a given distance from a given point
RADIUSThe distance from the center of the circle
CENTERThe given point
CONGRUENT CIRCLES2 circles with equal radii
CONCENTRIC CIRCLES2 circles with the same center
CHORDSEGMENT with both endpoints on the circle
DIAMETERCHORD through the center of the circle
SECANTLINE that intersects the circle in 2 places
TANGENTLINE that touches the circle in 1 point
INSCRIBED ANGLEAngle with the vertex ON the circle
CENTRAL ANGLEAngle with the vertex AT THE CENTER of the circle
ARC OF A CIRCLEPart of the circle
ENDPOINTS OF THE ARCWhere the chords intersect the circle
SEMICIRCLE1/2 of the circle
MINOR ARCLess than 1/2 of the circle
MAJOR ARCMore than 1/2 of the circle
TANGENT CIRCLE2 circles that intersect in exactly 1 point
CIRCUMFERENCEDistance around the circle
LENGTH OF AN ARCPart of the circumference from endpoint to endpoint

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