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Motion Terms

motionA change in position with time
speedRate of change of position (d/t)
distanceThe length between two points
reference pointStationary object used to determine if motion has occurred (change in position)
displacementA vector quantity - measure of the change in position: final position - initial position
vectorA measure that has magnitude and direction; represented by an arrow
average speedtotal distance divided by total time
constant speedwhere speed does not change; "cruise control"
instantaneous speedspeed at a particular point in time (look at the speedometer)
velocityspeed in a given direction
positionplace/point determined relative to reference directions
slopethe change in "Y" divided by the change in "X" = rise/run
metermetric unit of length measurement
kilometer1000 meters
centimeter1/100th of a meter; .01m
millimeter1/1000th of a meter; .001m
accelerationa change in velocity and/or direction
independent variablevariable on the "X" axis: "cause"
dependent variablevariable on the "Y" axis: "effect"
horizontal lineon a distance (position)/time graph this would indicate no motion

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