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Reading Vocabulary

Vocabulary words from Mrs. Hughes's 8th
grade class.

Hypothesisa statement not proved, but under investigation
Inferto draw a conclusion from facts or evidence
Randomhaving no fixed pattern
Correlationa relationship or connection
Objectiveinfluenced by fact rather than personal opinion
Extravagantwasteful, especially of money
Reticementnot willing to say much; tending to say much
Inquisitivetending to ask many questions
Sophisticatedwise to the way of the world
Naivesimple and uninformed
PretentiousViewing one's self as superior to others
Wistfulfeeling or showing longing
Cynicalconvinced that people generally act for selfish reasons
Contemptuousshowing scorn or disrespect
Nostalgiclonging for something far away or long ago
Buoyantresilient and cheerful in spirit


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