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Landbridgenarrow strip of land that joins two larger landmasses
Peninsulapiece of land surrounded by water on three sides
Basinbroad flat lowland area surrounded by higher land
Altitudeheight above sea level
Latitudelocation north or south of the Equator, measured by imaginary lines (parallel) numbered in degrees north or south
Service Industrybusiness that provides services to people rather than producing goods
'Maquiladoras'factories that assemble parts shipped in from other countries, producing automobiles, stereos, etc.
Subsistence Farmingfarm that produces only enough to support a family’s needs
Plantationlarge farm on which a single cash crop is raised
Industrializeddescribing a country in which industry has replaced farming as the main economy
Smogfog mixed with smoke and chemicals
Colonyoverseas settlement made by a parent country
'Mestizo'person of mixed Native American and European ancestry
Adobesun-dried clay brick


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