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U.S. Vocabulary

A review of the vocabulary from the American Revolution.

affordto give or furnish; provide
barbarismA brutal or cruel condition, act, or custom reminding one of uncivilized society
complyto act in accordance with a request, rule, order,etc.
desistto cease doing something
outragesAn extremely vicious or wicked act
suppressto put an end to forcibly; subdue
vengeancethe act of causing harm to another person in retribution for a wrong or injury
affirmativeA positive answer or response
commandedto dominate by position; overlook
conceiveto imagine
conveyto take or carry from one place to another
detachedto send on a special mission; assign
harassedbothered or tormented with repeated attacks
inclinedto depart or cause to depart from a true horizontal or vertical direction; to lean, slant, or slope
embargoa suspension by a government of foreign trade (country not trading with another)
effigya crude image or dummy fashioned in the likeness of a hated or despised person


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