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English Mid-term Exam

Study guide for vocab words

SimileComparison using like or as
Point of viewthe way the story is looked upon
Personificationgiving human qualities to non human things
Verbal ironysaying one thing and meaning the oppisite
Irony of Situationoccurs when events turn out contrary to what is expected or what seems opproperate
Apostrophetalking to something/someone that isnt there
Hyperbolean exaggeration for specific effects
Metaphora comparison not using like or as
ClimaxHigh point of the story
Moodatmosphere of the story
Allusionbrief reference to a person, event or place that the author assumes that his audience will be farmiliar with
Plota realationship of events to resolve a conflict
Meaningpoint that is intended
Symbolsomething used to represent something else
Themesmain idea or underliying meaning of a story
Local Colorlocal details in a story
Foreshadowingalluting to an event that has yet to happen
Tonecharacteristics revealing the authors attitudes towards the subject and readers
Imageryscenory details in the story
Intormative Toneprovides info
Effective Toneeffects the readers attitude

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