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WTRFG 1-3 vocab gr. 9

Vocabulary word practice for Where the Red Fern Grows. Chps. 1 - 3

residentialcontaining or suitable for homes
cura dog of mixed breed
coaxto persuade or try to persuade by gentle urging
dormantin an inactive, often sleeplike condition
devotionstrong attachment, loyalty, faithfulness
centurya period of 100 years
gratitudeappreciation or thankfulness
sparsenot crowded or dense
aromatichaving a fragrance
grieveto mourn, feel sad
deliberatelydone or said on purpose
radiantsending forth light or heat, filled with brightness
determinationfirmness of purpose, wanting something badly and going for it
destination the place you are going to
callousedunfeeling, toughened
adorationgreat and devoted love

Miriam Stolee

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