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Chapter 16 Ecology Review guide

Ocean water is the saltiest wherethere is high evaporation and low precipitation
The area that underlies the shallow water boardering continents is calledcontinental shelf
The oil protection Act of 1990 did whatrequired all oil tankers in US waters to have a double hull
What does the term ground fish refer tofish that live in Benthic habitats near the bottom
What does eutrophication causealgae blooms from excess nutrients resulting in degradation of the ecosystem
Currently the greatest ecological crisis facing marine systems isoverharvesting of fish
hypoxia and eutrophication in the Chesapeak bay may be a result ofover harvesting of oysters that usually fiilter out excess nutrients
A 2003 study reported that what percent of large bodied fish and sharks were lost in the first decade of industrialized fishing90%
Most salt marshes are found wherein temperate regions
It is estimated what percent of the marine fish population are fully exploited50%
In 1992 the Canadian government bannedcod fishing
What is by-catchcatching fish that are not meant to be caught
where are most marine protected areas locatedalong the coastlines of developed nations
Aproaximately what percent of the Earths human population live withing 100 miles of oceans2/3
What causes red tidesnutrient pollution leading to marine algae blooms
True or False, into the mid -20th century it was common to dump trash into the oceanstrue
Over fishing and pollution of the oceans fortunately have had little effect on the oceansfalse
Areas where rivers flow into the oceans , mixing freshwater with salt water are calledestuaries
a fishing technique used to capture benthic dwelling fishbottom trawling
what is the concept called whre fish populations are managed by allowing maximum harvests of particular populations while keeping fish available for the futuremaximum sustainable yield
3. Most of the offshore oil and gas is concentrated where?a
What could happen if a methane hydrate deposit destabilizes>b
11. What organizaton holds an annual ocean cleanup?c
What does it mean that Cod are ground fishfeed along the bottom
7. Oceans cover how much of the Earth’s surface?71%
9. What effect does evaporation have on salt water?makes the salt concentration greater
12. Explain how the temperature in the oceans vary and how the salt concentrations vary in oceans?the warmer water has higher salt concentrations
13. The ocean has three distinct zones what are they?pynocline, deep and surface
15. What is the driving force behind the development of ocean currents>density gradients and winds
18. What ocean current is strong and powerful?Gulf
What ocean currents effect the East CoastGulf and North Atlantic
What are downwellings?cold surface water sinks
a measurement of death23. What is Bathymetry
26. What is a shelf slope break?sharp drop off of self slope
What is a continental slope?region that connects the shelf with the basin
27. List the three zones of the oceans and what is unique about each zone?photic, bethnic and pelagic
28. The base of the ocean food web is made up of what 3 organisms?algae, protists and cyano bacteria
31. What kind of animals are found around hydrothermal vents?tube worms, shrimp and bacteria
What is kelp?lasrge brown algae
What is it used for?food source and nutrition
What are coral and where are they foundliving coelenterates animals
What is coral bleachinga
What can cause coral bleachingb
what organisms are found in intertidal zonec
What type of adaptations must organisms in the intertidal zone haved
What are the five zones in the intertidal zoneE
What are 5 things unique about the salt marshf
What two things can result from the loss of salt marshesg
What is a Mangrove foresth
HOw many Mangrove forests are remainingI
What is an estuaryj
What are Anadromous fishk
What are three benefits of Estuariesl

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