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Moon Flashcards

Flashcards for learning facts about the Moon.

SatelliteAn object that revolves around a planet.
Blue MoonThe second full moon in the same month.
CraterA hole on the surface made by a falling meteorite.
Lunar EclipseWhen the full moon passes through the Earth's shadow.
Solar EclipseWhen the moon passes in front of the Sun and covers it.
GibbousA phase of the moon when more than half of the moon, but not the full moon, is illuminated.
GravityA pulling force that holds objects to a planet or moon.
MoonEarth's only natural satellite.
Moon PhasesA cycle in which the moon appears in different forms as it orbits the Earth.
OrbitThe path a planet or moon takes as it travels around another object.
RevolveTo travel around another object in space.
RotateWhen a planet or moon turns around on its own axis.
Waning MoonWhen the moon becomes less and less illumined when passing from full moon to new moon.
Waxing MoonWhen the moon becomes more and more illumined when passing from new moon to full moon.
New MoonWhen the moon is in front of the sun and cannot be seen.
Full MoonWhen the full face of the moon is illumined.
Crescent MoonWhen less than half of the moon's face is illumined.

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