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coupa takeover of government
multinationalhaving operations in many countries
diversifyto make more varied;to give additional options
federal systemsystem of governmentin whhich the central government shares power with lower-level governments
secedeto withdraw, as a state or region withdraws from a larger nation
multiracialmade up of many races
socialismpolicy of government ownership
free enterprisean economic system in which most decisions are made by private individuals whho are trying to make a profit
mixed economya blend of socialism and free enterprise economies
midwifea person who helps women during childbirth
hygienepersonal cleanliness
refugeea person who has been forced to flee from his or her homeland for safety
tribalismthe allegiance of many Africans to their tribes
genocidethe deliberate destruction of a racial group
apartheidpolicy o9f strict seperation of races
OAUorganization of African Unity; promotes independence anbd peace; drew up the bluepriont of Africa's economy; stopped wars
OPECOrganization of Petroleum Exporting Countries; stay out of major world powers's struggles; takes out loans from major countries
United NationsAfrica makes up major block of the UN; sent farming experts and economists and teachers to Africa
self relianceto depend on one's self
one party rulewhere one party rules the country and allows no other rival parties; local leaders have almost no say
militrary rulegovernment ruled by the militay; military leader
ujamaapulling together - socialism
subsistence farmingproducing just enough food for one and one's family to live on
cash crop farmingfarming just to sell crops
Dutch East India Companytrading post set up in Cape Colony on Cape of Good Hope by the Dutch in 1652; only hade colony thereso that they could replenish their ships on the way to India; in 1806 the British realized how valuable the port was so they seized it in 1806
BoersDutch farmers
Great Trekthe movement inland by the Boers bacause they didn't want to live under British rule anymore and so they moved into Zulu land between the Orange and the Transvaal rivers
Orange Free Statecolony set up by Boers in Zulu land
Transvaalcolony set up by Boers in Zulu land
gold/diamondsthese were found in Orange Free State and Transvaal and British wanted that land to so they seized 2 morefrom the Boers colonies
Anglo - Boer Warthey fought over Orange Free State and Transvaal from 1899 to 1902
AfrikanerAny white African of European descent was an Afrikaner
Native Land Actprevented Africans from buying or selling land except on the Reserves
reservesland set aside for Black Africans
Afrikaner Nationalist Partywon total control of Africa in 1948; euro Party
passbooksbooks that show where all non white Africans can go and where they can't go
Group Areas Actdivided South Africa into 10 homelands or Bantustans
townshipsBlacks who worked in cities had to live in suburbs a.k.a townships
Sharpville Resistancetownship where resistance against passbooks was demonstrated. 69 people died and the ANC was outlawed
Soweto Demonstrationhundereds killed by police; Blacks demonstrated against the fact that the Afrikaner language was the language their children were being taught in in school
Afrikaansthe Afrikaner language
Steve Bikoleader of Black Consciousness Movement; killede in 1977; International Community condemmed South African government
Nelson Mandelaformer member of ANC. thrown in jail for disobeying his ban. first president elected by the whole of South Africa
Frederick de Klerkprez of South Africa; freed Mandela; legalized ANC; helped clear apartheid and make a new constitution for South Africa so it had democratic government and that people of all races had equal rights.
Desmond Tutuarchbishop; NObel Peace Prize for trying to bring about non - violent changes for South Africa
impacts of colonialismlost control of dynastys; broke up political systems; gave some racial groups special treatment


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