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Focus On Faith

This is to study for the exams. It will cover all the chapters we have studied. Good luck and study hard!!!

FaithBelief based on past experience or trust in someone else's word
CreedA formal and official statement of Christian doctrine; a creed contains a summary of the principal truths of faith
Christianityreligion with the most people
Islamreligion with the second largest number of believers
Hinduismmost people in India believe in this
Nature religionPeople believe that gods live in all nature
Buddhismthe second major religion in Asia
Judaismthe smallest of all major world religions
AtheistA person who believes there is no God
Incarnationthe taking of human nature by the Second Person of the Trinity; God becoming human in the person of Jesus
ApostlesThe name given to Jesus' twelve disciples: Simon Peter, Andrew, James, John, Philip, Bartholomew, Thomas, Matthew, James, Thaddeus, Simon, and Judas Iscariot
MessiahSon of God, the chosen representitive of God
GospelOne of the four official versions of the words and actions of Jesus
EpistleA letter written by an apostle or leader of the early Christian community about the Christian life
New TestementThe second part of the Christian Bible, which contains 27 books about the meaning of Jesus
Ascensionthe return of Jesus to his Father in heaven, 40 days after the Resurrection
EvangelistA word meaning "one who spreads thr good news"
Kingdom of GodA state of happiness in which people are one with God and in harmony with one another
ConversionA change of heart; a turning away from sin and turning toward Jesus and his message of love
ParableA short story that illustrates a mortal attitude or a religious principal
Works of MercyWorks of physical or spiritual assistance, motivated by love of God and neighbor, toward people in need
Mytha story used to explain something that defies our ability to explain it
Covenanta solemn promise entered into by two parties in which each promises to be faithful
The main element of the covenantfaithfulness
Salvation histrythe saving action of God in people's lives to bring them to their created destiny
Trinitythree Persons in one God- Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
Stewardshipthe task God gave people to take care of the earth, and one another
Holinessa sharing in God's life and work
charitylove of God and love of a neighbor
Adventthe season during the Church year when the Church awaits and prepares for the birth of Jesus and Jesus' coming at the end of time
O Antiphonsseven short prayers; each uses a title for the awaited Messiah and summarizes its meaning


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