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Difficult Word List

Abnormaldifferent from the expected
Accomplishto complete, to execute
Acquireto come into possession of
Adjustmentmaking proper changes to a particular condition or situation
Administerto make an application; conduct; control, distribute
Advantageany state favorable for success
Alterto change or modify
Alterationthe act of making change
Applicationthe special use or purpose of something
Applysuitable, or pertinent:to put to use
Appropriatesuitable or fitting for a particular purpose
Arrangementto place in proper, desired, or convenient order;
Assembleto put or fit together;
Associateto join together as partners or colleagues.
benefitsomething that is advantageous or good
Capablehaving the ability
Capacitythe maximum amount or number that can be received or contained
Captivitystate of being held captive or confined; imprisoned
Coexistexist together at the same time
Communicateto transmit information, disease, etc.
Composed (of)made up of these materials
Concernbe of interest or importance to
Consequencethe effect, result, or outcome of something occurring earlier
Constantstays the same
Contaminateto make impure
Continuouslyrepeating; reoccurring; always happening
Contributeto play a part in the result
Conversionchange in function or form
Currentnew; up to date.
Decreasedto become less
Defectivenot working
Deliveryact of carrying and handing over
Depleteto use up
Depriveto withhold something
Desirableworth having
Developcause to grow or expand

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