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Social Studies Exam Practice

migrationthe movement of groups of people
glaciershuge sheets of ice which cover the land
banda small group of people who do things together
nomadspeople who wander around and have no real home
Beringiaa land brige which existed years ago that connected Asia and North America
culturea way of life developed by people
archeologistsscientists who study the cultureof people long ago
artifactsobjects that early people left behind
origin storiesstories that people have about their origins of their land and their beginnings
Clovis peopleancient people who hunted with a sharp pointed spear which was fluted on each side
atlatla tool which helped hunters throw their spears further
technologythe use of scientific knowledge
extinctwhen something dies out
maizeanother name for corn
religionthe belief in God or gods
tribea group of poeple with a shared culture and land
surplusmore than needed
civilizationa culture that has well developed forms of govornment,religion&learning
Olmecsa native american group that had built one of the earliest civilizations
templesplaces of worship
pyramidsbuildings with three or more sides shaped like triangles
cultural diffusionspeding a culture to other places
earthworksmounds or hills of earth
Anasaziearly native americans who lived in the south west
pueblosgroups of houses in which the Anasazi lived
adobethe building material for pueblos
mesashigh,flat toped hills
droughta long dry spell which made farming difficult
kivasspecial under ground rooms used for religios services

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