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Social Studies Ch 8 -4th Grade

The Civil War

What did Patrick Henry spoke out against the unfair ______ that England wanted the colonists to pay.taxes
The Civil War was fought because the southern states wanted to be their own country and because of the disagreement over _____.slavery
Robert E. Lee decided he could not serve in the Union Army because his family lived in the _____.south
The Underground Railroad helped lead slaves to ____.freedom
Many Southerners had become wealthy growing what?cotton
Were the Confederates for or against slavery?for
The Declaration of Independence says that all men should be _____.equal
Slavery became an important part of the southern economy.true
Thomas Jefferson became our ___ president.3rd
The House of Burgesses was elected to make ___ for the colonies.laws
Frederick Douglas spoke out against the horrors of _____.slavery
By the 1800's slavery was (legal or illegal) in most of the northern statesillegal
Was Kansas a free state or a slave state?free state
The Civil War began in what year?1861
The first battle of the Cival War was fought at ____.Fort Sumter
Lee surrendered to Grant at ____ in the state of Virginia.Appomattox
A _____ is a large farm where cotton is grown.plantation
A cash crop is a crop that is grown for
Who was the president during the Civil War?Abraham Lincoln
Because of the fighting in Kansas, we were often called ____.Bloody or Bleeding Kansas

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