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Computer Terminology

monitordisplays information on a screen
floppy drivestores information on a floppy disk
hard drivemain area where information is stored inside the computer case
mousehand-held tool used to point and select items on the screen
printermakes a paper copy of information from the computer
cd-rom drivereads information stored on compact disks
keyboardhas keys with number, letters, and symbols on them
speakerallows you to hear sounds from the computer
cursora flashing symbol on the computer screen that shows where the information you enter will appear
floppy diska flexible disk that stores computer data
fontsstyles of type
hardwareany part of a computer system that you can see or touch
modema piece of hardware that links your computer to other computers and information services through telephone lines
networka group of computers connected together to share information or hardware
softwarea set of electronic instructions that tells a computer what to do
menua list of commands to choose from
Internetcomputers connected throughout the world
WWWWorld Wide Web
browsersoftware to access and view web pages
homepagefirst web page viewed

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