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Texas Natives Vocabulary

kivaa large room used for meetings and religious ceremonies among the Pueblo people
hunter-gathererspeople who survive by searching for wild plants and animals to eat
prehistorythe time before written records
pictographspictures drawn or painted on cave walls, ledges, and cliffs
petroglyphscarvings made in rocks
pemmicana mixture of animal fat and berries used by some natives to preserve meat
atlatla hand-held spear thrower
bandtwo or more extended families that lived together under one leader
extended familiesfamilies that include parents, their children and the parents' grandchildren
tribea number of bands that followed the same leader and shared the same territory and culture
confederaciesalliances of people of groups that unite for a common purpose
tipiscone-shaped tents made of poles covered with animal skins
nomadspeople who wander from place to place in search of food
alliespeople who help each other in order to benefit them both
puebloslarge Native American homes made of adobe
adobea mix of wet clay and straw that is made into bricks and dried in the sun

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