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Email Vocabulary Games

acronyman abbreviation formed from the first letter of a series of words
attachmenta computer file sent using email
emoticona symbol or expression creating using the keyboard
blind carbon copyto send an identical email message to several people where all recipients cannot see who else the email message has been sent to
carbon copyto send an identical email message to several people; all recipients can see who has received the email message
emailit is a form of online communication
fielda place on a website where you can type information
filteran email function used to sort email messages automatically
forwardwhen you send a copy of an email message to another person
inboxwhere an email message is first delivered, unless a filter is set up
outboxwhere an email message waits to be sent over the web
replyto answer an email message
reply allto send a message to all recipients who received the original message
signaturea short message added to the end of your email containing the sender's information
spamunsolicited bulk email sent to you without being asked for
trashwhere deleted emails are stored until the trash is emptied
FWDabbreviation for forward
BCCabbreviation for blind carbon copy
CCabbreviation for carbon copy
REabbreviation for reply
LOL or TTYLan acronym
:-) or :-Pan emoticon
advertisement for insurancetype of spam
electronic mailabbreviated email
contact information such as sender's name, email address, company informationpart of a signature
@ symbolalways part of an email address
junk mail or bulk mailanother name for spam

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