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Energy Sources

Vocabulary words for middle school students dealing with nonrenewable and renewable energy resources.

fossil fuelsfuels formed from palnt and animal material that was buried millions of years ago
nonrenewable resourcesresources that cannot be replaced once they are used
strip mininga method of coal mioning were the top layer of soil is strip to get to the layer of coal underneath
reclamationprocess of restoring the land to its original fertile condition after strip mining
deep miningmethos of coal minig were deep shafts are dug to reach coal deep within the earth
biomassplant and animal material that was recently living
fractionation towerin an oil refinery were crude oil is seperated into different products
solar energyenergy from the sun
passive solar heatingsimple solar heating system that does not use any mechanical devices
active solar heatingcomplex solar heating system that uses solar collectors
solar collectorsdevic that gather sunlight and converts it o energy
wind turbinesdevices that convert the kinetic energy of the wind into electricty
wind farmslarge grouping of wind turbines
geothermal energyheat from the earth used for energy
magmahot liquid rock foud beneath the earth surface
hydroelectric energyusuable energy produced using water/dams
nuclear reactorscomplex devices that are used to convert nuclear energy into heat energy
nuclear coreplace in nuclear reactor were the chain reaction takes ploace and is controlled within

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