Java Games: Flashcards, matching, concentration, and word search.

7th grade CG4a.b.c. and CG5a.

why SA women wear a hijabShariah law
what's so special about democratic systemvoters get to choose who makes the laws
how long a monarch reignsuntil he chooses to give up power
why most countries have unitary govt.easier to control
who has all power in unitary govt.central government
Israel's legislative body known asKnesset
weakness of confederation govt.only has as much power as local govt. will give
SA's type of govt.monarchy
this system of govt. shares powerfederal
Shia religious leader makes up this govt.theocratic
qualities of democratic govt.greatest human rights & freedom
country whose leaders comes from a long line of leadersSaudia Arabia
Small group of religious leadersoligarchic
leader does not let citizens voteautocratic
who chooses leader in Parliamentarylegislatures
parliamentary/presidentialpredominant forms of govt.

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