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Study Helps for CSA I - Memo Quiz

Guide Words in a formal memo are:TO: FROM: DATE: SUBJECT:
The notation indicating that something else accompanies the memo is:Enclosure Notation
Guide words on a formal memo are keyed in:ALL CAPS
In a memo, with two paragraphs, paragraph 1 and paragraph 2 should be keyed:SS and DS between paragraphs
The top margin of a memorandum is usually:2 inches
Typist initials are the initials of the person who:Typed the memo
The spacing between guide words on a formal memo is:DS
Memorandum side margins are:1 inch
Guide words on a formal memo are also keyed in:Bold
If a supporting document is attached to a memo, key a(n):Attachment notation
All parts of the memo should be aligned to the:Left Margin
This notation is used if a copy of the memo is given to someone in addition to whom it is written:Copy
This punctuation mark follows the guide words in the memo heading:Colon
How many spaces are used between letters in typist initials?None
Memorandums are most often used as a method of communication between people that work in the same:Business or Organization
Which key is used to align the entries that follow the memo heading?Tab
What type of capitalization rules are applied when keying typist initials?Lowercase
The paragraphs of the memo are known as:Body
Scott works for Ace Accounting and needs to communicate directions for the Banker's Association meeting to the staff. He should format the information as a/an:Memo
Which document is used by a manager to communicate a staff meeting to employees?Memo

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