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8th grade Social Studies Vocabulary

fifteen social studies concepts

ChangeTo make different/ switch
ChoiceHaving freedom to choose/ make decisions
CitizenshipBorn in a country and granted rights under that government
CultureThe way a group of people live/ customs, beliefs, arts
DiversityVariety/ differences between people
EmpathySharing anothers feelings without going through the expirience
EnvironmentThe surroundings of a person/ conditions during a time period
Human RightsBasic wants of protection and fair treatment
IdentityTo connect closely or associate/ to become like others
InterdependenceNeeding or depending upon another/ not on your own
JusticeFairness/ being treated equally under the law
Political SystemThe manner in which a government is designed (democracy vs. communism
PowerThe ability or right to command, control or make decisions
ScarcityHaving a lack of/ insufficient supplies
TechnologyUse of materials to serve human needs/ advancements in inventions or knowledge

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