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Vocabulary - Unit 13

Practice these terms to review for vocabulary quiz.

adhereto stick to, remain attached; to be devoted or loyal as a follower or supporter
affirmto declare to be true; to confirm
atrocityan extremely wicked, brutal, or curel act
auditiona trial hearing for a performer
copeto struggle successfully against; a long religious cloak; a canopy
deterto discourage, scare off, or prevent through fear or doubt
disquietingcausing uneasiness or worry
empowerto give power or authroity to; to enable, to permit
fluentspeaking or writing easily and smoothly, flowing gracefully
lagto move slowly or fall behind
mangleto injure very seriously by cutting, tearing, crushing; to bring to ruin
misapprehensiona wrong idea, misunderstanding
optimistone who expects things to turn out for the best
prowlto roam about stealthily in search of something
stupefyto make stupid, dull, or groggy; to surprise or astonish
sulklyin a bad or nasty mood, resentful; gloomy
supplementsomething added to complete a thing or make up for a lack; a section added to a book or document
surgeto have a heavy, violent, swelling motion (like waves)
traita quality or characteristic (especially of personality)
unscrupulousdishonest; not guided or controlled by moral principles

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