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literary elements

settingtime and location where a story takes place
place, time, environmentname types of settings
plot (5 plot steps)a sequence of events that takes place within a story
expostion (introduction)provides the setting and background information, introduces characters
rising actionare the events leading up to the climax
climaxthe highest point of interest, the strongest point of the story, the turning point
falling actioncomes AFTER the climax. a sharp decrease in tension, no new conflicts
resolutionthe problem of the story is resolved, end of story
Characterspeople in the story
Protagonistmain character, usually the hero
Antagonistthe bad guy in the story
conflictis the main struggle, problem of the story, it what DRIVES THE PLOT
Internal and external conflict2 types of conflicts
internal conflicta struggle inside the character
external conflictthe protagonist(main character) against an outside force

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