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Skeletal Systems

SkullProtects the brain, connects to the backbone
BackboneProtects the spinal cord
RibsProtect vital organs, gives animal shape, connects to backbone
SternumChest plate, connects to ribs
Axial SkeletonSkull, Backbone, Ribs, Sternum make up the:
Pectoral LimbScapula, Humerus, Radius & Ulna, Carpals, Metacarpals and Phalanges make up the:
ScapulaShoulder blade, connects to backbone and humerus
HumerusUpper foreleg, connects to scapula and radius & ulna
Radius & UlnaLower foreleg, connects to humerus and carpals
Carpals"wrist bones" connects to the radius & ulna and metacarpals
PhalangesToes, connect to the metacarpals and metatarsals
Pelvic LimbPelvic Bone, Femur, Tibia & Fibula, Tarsals, Metatarsals and Phalanges make up the:
Pelvic BoneHip bones, connects to backbone and femur
FemurUpper rear leg, connects to pelvic bone and tibia & fibula
Tibia & FibulaLower rear leg, connects to femur and tarsals
TarsalsHock bone, connects to tibia & fibula and metarsals
Metatarsalsconnects to tarsals and phalanges
Metacarpalsconnects to carpals and phalanges

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