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Chapter 3 Protists: concentration, flashcards, matching, and word search

This activity focuses on the protist section of the chapter only.

pseudopodsfalse feet
contractile vacuolecollects water and expels it
amebaan example of a protozoan
cilliahairlike structure for movement, obtaining food and sense
parameciumhas 2 nuclei
flagellawhiplike structure
symboisisinteraction between two species
mutualismrelationship which at least one benefits
sporozoansparasite that feed on the cells and body fluids of their hosts
fungus-like these are heterotrophs, have cell walls, and use spores to reproduce
water moldsan example of a fungus-like protist
plant-likeall are autotrophs
euglenoidsunicelluluar, green algae
dinoflagellateshave stiff plates like armor
diatomsused in toothpaste and as an insecticide

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