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Animal Classifications

These are terms associated with animal classification. Kayla/Week 21

Classification systemGuidelines used to sort and group objects.
ClassifyingSorting and grouping objects in a planned way.
VertebratesAnimals with backbones.
InvertebrateAnimals without backbones.
AmphibianLives part of it's ;ife in water and part of it's life on land (frogs).
Cold BloodedBody temperature is close to that of the surroundings.
ReptilesBodies are covered with scales, hatch from eggs laid on land.
Snakes, lizards, turtles, alligators.Reptiles, cold blooded vertebrates.
ScalesSmall plates that cover the bodies of some animals.
BirdsMost birds fly, all have feathers and are warm-blooded.
Get their temperature from the food they eat.Birds
MammalsOnly animals with hair on their body/ have milk for their young.
A+The grade I will get!

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