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surface waterfresh water that is above ground in lakes, ponds, rivers and streams.
watershedthe entire area of land that is drained by a river
dama structure built across a river or stream that prevents most of the water from traveling downstream.
groundwaterwater that seeps down and is stored underground.
aquiferswhere large amounts of groundwater may be stored.
recharge zonesthe area of land from which the grounwater originates.
desalinizationthe removing of salf from salt water
water pollutionthe introduction of chemical, physical, or biological material into water taht degrades the quality of the water and affexts the organisms that drink it and live in it.
point pollutionpollution that is discharged from a single source, such as a factory, a wastewater treatment plant, or an oil tanker.
Nonpoint pollutionpollution that comes from amny sources rather than from a single specific site
thermal pollutionthe excessive amounts of heat are added to a body of water
articicial eutrophicationwhen inorganic plant nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen get into the water from sewage and ferilizer runoff.


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