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Polyatomic ions and their charge

match the polyatomic ion with it's charge

Ammonium ionNH4(+1)
Hydronium ionH3O(+1)
Hydroxide ionOH(-1)
Cyanide ionCN(-1)
Nitrite ionNO2(-1)
Nitrate ionNO3(-1)
Hypochlorite ionClO(-1)
Chlorite ionClO2(-1)
Carbonate ionCO3(-2)
Oxalate ionC2O4(-2)
Chlorate ionClO3(-1)
Perchlorate ionClO4(-1)
Permanganate ionMnO4(-1)
Acetete ionC2H3O2(-1)
Chromate ionCrO4(-2)
Dichromate ionCr2O7(-2)
Phosphate ionPO4(-3)
Monohydrogen phosphate ionHPO4(-2)
Hydrogen carbonate ionHCO3(-1)
Sulfite ionSO3(-2)
Hydrogen sulfite ionHSO3(-1)
Thiocyanate ionSCN(-1)
Thiosulfate ionS2O3(-2)
Dihydrogen phosphate ionH2PO4(-1)

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