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Cause and Effect

The chain on the bicycle broke.The wheels wouldn't turn.
The students worked with chemicals in science class.They wore goggles to protect their eyes.
The computer crashed.The screen went blank.
The water pipe broke.A waterspout shot up out of a manhole.
The dog jumped out of the soapy tub.Suds splashed all over the porch.
The temperature dropped to 30 degrees.We could see our breath in the air.
The flashbulb on the camera didn't work.The photographs turned out dark.
The cars ran out of gas.They would not run.
The oven was turned up too high.The cake burned.
Water ran across the rocks for many years.They became smooth.
He left the fruit on the counter for two days.It wasn't good to eat.
Mom touched pins to the balloons.They popped.
We mixed yellow and blue paint.It turned green.
The boy fell on the playground.He skinned his knee.
The class was talking too loudly.They had to stand at recess.

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