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Water Cycle Vocabulary Matching, Flashcards, Concentration, Word Search

water cyclethe moverment of water between the atmosphere and the earth's surface
evaporationchanging form a liquid to a gas
condensationchanging from a gas to a liquid
precipitationmoisture that falls to the earth from the atmosphere
transpirationprocess in which water moves from the inside of leaves to the outside
infiltrationthe seepage of water into soil or rock
sublimationa change directly from the solid to the gaseous state without becoming liquid
collectionaccumulation of water in lakes, rivers and streams
groundwaterwater that sinks into the ground
drainage basina land area that is drained by a rivr
springa place where groundwater flows naturally out of the ground
sinkholea funnel-shaped depression that results when the roof of a cave collapses
geysera place where hot groundwater and steam blast into the air
runoffwater that runs over the earth's surface and flows into streams
reservoirartificial lake created by placing a dam across a river
tributaryriver that joins another river of equal or greater size
divideridge that separates drainage basins
poruscontaining many spaces through which air and water can move

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