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Los mandatos reflexivos - formales

Formal Commands with Reflexive Verbs.

levánteseto get up - affirmative Ud.
levántenseto get up - affirmative Uds.
no se levanteto get up - negative Ud.
no se levantento get up - negative Uds.
duérmaseto go to sleep- affirmative Ud.
duérmanseto go to sleep- affirmative Uds.
no se duermato go to sleep- negative Ud.
no se duermanto go to sleep- negative Uds.
póngaseto put on- affirmative Ud.
pónganseto put on- affirmative Uds.
no se pongato put on- negative Ud.
no se pongato put on- negative Uds.
quédeseto stay/remain- affirmative Ud.
quédenseto stay/remain- affirmative Uds.
no se quedeto stay/remain- negative Ud.
no se quedento stay/remain- negative Uds.
acuésteseto go to bed- affirmative Ud.
acuéstenseto go to bed- affirmative Uds.
no se acuesteto go to bed- negative Ud.
no se acuestento go to bed- negative Uds.
diviértaseto have a good time- affirmative Ud.
diviértanseto have a good time- affirmative Ud.
no se diviertato have a good time- negative Ud.
no se diviertanto have a good time- negative Ud.
dése prisato hurry - affirmative Ud.
dense prisato hurry - affirmative Uds.
no se dé prisato hurry - negative Ud.
no se den prisato hurry - negative Uds.
sírvaseto sirve/prepare - affirmative Ud.
sírvanseto sirve/prepare- affirmative Uds.
no se sirvato sirve/prepare - negative Ud.
no se sirvanto sirve/prepare - negative Uds.
muévaseto move - affirmative Ud.
muévanseto move - affirmative Uds.
no se muevato move - negative Ud.
no se muevanto move - negative Uds.
vístaseto get dressed - affirmative Ud.
vístanseto get dressed - affirmative Uds.
no se vistato get dressed - negative Ud.
no se vistanto get dressed - negative Uds.

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