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mythology: greek gods and goddesses

zeusking of gods, god of sky and rain, thunder, lightning, god of hospitality
heraqueen of gods, patron of marriage
hestiagoddess of fire, hearth and domestic life
demeter (zeus' sister)goddess of grain and agriculture
posiedon (zeus' brother)god of the sea and horses, called the "earthshaker"
hephaestus (son of zeus and hera)god of fire, smith of gods, armor-maker of gods and heroes
aresgod of war
aphrodite (born from seafoam and uranus' castrated organ)goddess of love, fertility, beauty, mother of eros (cupid)
athena (born from zeus' head)goddess of wisdom, defensive war, spinning, weaving, arts of peace
hermes (son of zeus and maia)messanger of gods, god of travellers, speed, commerce, thieves, cunning, guide of dead souls
apollo (son of zeus and leto)god of sun, prophecy, music, medicine, archery. patron of young men, called phoebus
artemis (twin sister of apollo)goddess of hunting, the moon, virgins and childbirth
hades (zeus' brother)god of underworld, of wealth, ruler of the dead


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